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About us

Our Office was founded in 1969 in Nazareth, but worked intermittently due to the circumstances of advocate Abdulmalic Dahamsha; starting with his political imprisonment (1971-1983), and then followed with the second period as a result of his election in the Israeli parliament (Knesset) representing the Islamic Movement in Israel as head of the United Arab List (1996-2006). Since its inception, the office handled cases in the areas of land law, real estate, criminal law and administrative law. Over the years the office expanded its operations and today represents cases in several other areas such as commercial law, intellectual property, contract provisions and international trade.


The Office works in the following areas: The provisions of the land and real estate Office specialist in the field of land and real estate, and gives consulting and representation services in land deals, in front of government institutions, the Land Registry Department and the Ministry of Finance, install the commandments, the legitimacy of the courts. Administrative Law The petition before the administrative courts and the High Court of Justice in the cases against state institutions. Criminal Law The defense of the accused before the various courts, legal advice and follow-up investigation and detention issues. Breaches of security issues in front of the police and intelligence services. Petitions of prisoners, prisoners of representation in parole issues (for Jean-third).